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Pressure Transducer Definition

What is the definition of a pressure transducer?

Pressure transducers can be defined as a type of sensor which converts physical pressure into an electrical signal. They can be used for measuring pressure in liquids and gases. Pressure transmitter is another term commonly used for a Pressure Transducer and are suitable for a range of applications in different areas depending on their specifications.

Most pressure transducers use strain gauges which are bonded to the internal diaphragm of the transducer. As pressure is applied through the pressure port, the diaphragm will deflect which causes the strain gauges to compress, this alters the output signal. The deformation of the strain gauges is directly related to the force being applied enabling the pressure transducer to give an accurate pressure reading.

Pressure transducers give accurate pressure measurement in either Bar or PSI. Most of our pressure transducers use Bar, our range can measure pressure up to 5000Bar.

Pressure Transducer Types

Pressure Transducers are available as different types which are suitable to different applications and industries. The different types of pressure transducer which we have available are;

Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transducers – these are for applications in high risk environments. We also have explosion proof pressure transducers for extremely hazardous environments.

Submersible Pressure Transducers – these are also known as liquid level meters and are used to measure the pressure in water tanks and other similar applications.

SIL-2 Pressure Transducers – these are for applications with a safety integrated performance level requirement.

Combined Pressure and Temperature Transducers – we also have a range of pressure transducers which are combined with temperature sensors. This allows the one sensor to take two measurements, perfect for applications in small spaces and well proven in Motorsports in particular.  

General Pressure Transducers – we have a range of pressure transducers which includes various sizes and pressure ranges – see them all on our website.

Pressure Transducer Applications

As you can see from the above types of pressure transducers, they are very diverse and therefore can be found in almost any industry. They are used for such a wide variety of applications. Some application areas are;

  • Brake Pressure
  • Motorsport Testing Equipment
  • HVAC Applications
  • Oil and Fuel Pressure
  • Commercial Vehicles and Mobile Vehicle
  • Compressors
  • Submersible Applications
  • Hydraulics
  • Safety Integrated Applications
  • Agriculture
  • Robotics
  • Automation
  • Industrial Applications

Pressure Transducers from Variohm

We have a wide range of pressure transducers; our portfolio is made up of products from our trusted suppliers as well as our range of pressure transducers.

Some of the features of the Variohm EPT range of pressure transducers are;

  • Vacuum, absolute and/or gauge pressure
  • Up to 5,000 bar range
  • High accuracy +/-0.5%
  • Analogue and Digital Output
  • Long life
  • Operating temperature range; -40°C to 125°C

We can offer various sizes, pressure ranges, approvals and outputs depending on your application. Browse our full range or contact us for more information.  

Article published on: 12/10/2020