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Resistance Temperature Detectors

Within various applications, the temperature tends to be one of the most important parameters for measuring. Because of this, there are a wide variety of technologies available for temperature measurement, one of them in the RTD Resistive Temperature Detector.

A Resistance Temperature Detector is a type of sensor whereby its resistance changes as its temperature changes. They are part of our range of temperature sensors here at Variohm and are often referred to as their abbreviated term “RTD”.

Our Resistance Temperature Detectors are available with resistance values or form part of our temperature probes which are manufactured onsite at our UK production facility.  They are small, lightweight and offer high accuracy.

Working Principle of a Resistance Temperature Detector

A resistance temperature detector uses the measurement of electrical resistance to determine the temperature.

A resistance temperature detector is made up of a resistance element to sense the temperature and insulated wires. The resistance element itself is usually platinum and covered in a glass passivation layer to protect it.

A resistance temperature detector works on the basic principle whereby, as the temperature increases, the electrical resistance increases therefore the resistance measurement in Ohms can be directly related to the temperature. For more information on the working principle of resistance temperature detectors take a look at our “How Does an RTD work?” blog post. 

Why Choose a Resistive Temperature Detector?

Resistive Temperature Detectors have many benefits, some of these are;

  • Highly accurate
  • Suitable for extreme environments
  • Offer long term stability
  • High repeatability
  • Wide temperature range

Resistance detectors are particularly well suited to applications in automotive such as air coolant and transmission oil temperature applications. They can also be used in communication, amplifiers, electronics, computers, and even food handling.

Types of Resistance Temperature Sensors from Variohm

Our resistive temperature sensors are available as Platinum. They are referred to as PT100, PT1000. The number refers to the base resistance in Ohms at 0°C. Take a look at our product range here – Platinum Resistance Temperature Detectors.

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Article published on: 28/10/2021