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Sensors for Mobile Vehicle

The term mobile vehicle is very broad and can be used to describe a very wide range of vehicles which are not automotive vehicles.  Vehicles such as mobile cranes, agricultural machines, transport buses and earth movers all come under the mobile vehicle category. 

Position Sensors for Mobile Vehicle

Position sensors are often used for angle measurement in steering systems for mobile vehicle. We have supplied linear position and rotary position sensors for steering systems on agricultural equipment in the past.

Our linear position sensors are well suited to steering systems as they are highly reliable and very robust. They provide resolution better than 0.01mm over a wide temperature range – perfect for the harsh environments on mobile vehicle. Many of them offer a high IP rating for protection against dust and moisture – another aspect which makes them well suited to this industry.

Our Rotary sensors have also been used with mobile vehicle to feedback steering angle information to the system. These products are also well suited to the dusty and moisture prevalent environments and have the relevant IP rating to ensure they perform as they should. Our rotary have a wide operating temperature and a long working life of over 50 million cycles.

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Pressure Sensors for Mobile Vehicle

Pressure sensors are another popular choice for applications in this industry. Pressure sensors are used to monitor tyre pressure, fuel, oil and water pressure on many different vehicles.

Pressure Transducers from Variohm are used to monitor input and output for hydraulic pressures. They use well proven thin film strain gauge pressure measuring cells covering a wide range of pressures. They have a wide operating temperature range, industry standard port faces with sleeved electrical cables. Our pressure transducers also offer IP ratings which makes them well suited to this harsh industry.

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