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Sensors Used for Oil and Gas

Sensors are used all around us for many different applications. One of the key areas for sensors is the oil and gas industry.

The oil and gas industry is highly reliant on sensors, with constant monitoring and measuring taking place to avoid unscheduled disruptions and machine maintenance.

This is one of the most demanding areas we serve with the constant changes and new challenges are arising constantly. To work successfully within the oil and gas industry, sensors must be highly accurate as well as reliable and safe for use. By combing our engineering expertise with our design and manufacturing capabilities we can provide sensors and devices for this harsh environment.

Features required for Oil and Gas Sensors

To be suitable for use within oil and gas applications sensors must have one or more of the following features;

  • Waterproof/ submersible
  • Able to withstand extremely high temperatures
  • Resistant to dust (IP rated)
  • Explosion proof/ intrinsically safe
  • Corrosion resistant

Sensor types for Oil and Gas

Within the oil and gas industry, the following sensors from our portfolio are often used;

Pressure sensors – we have a range of pressure switches and pressure transducers that meet the industry criteria. We also have a range of combined pressure and temperature sensors which are well suited to this type of application to save space and improve efficiency.

Temperature sensors – temperature sensors are available off the shelf or bespoke. We offer a range of different terminals for easy integration.

Position sensors – we offer a range of position sensors that can withstand the harsh environment of the oil and gas industry. Linear position sensors including potentiometers and cable extension transducers, rotary position sensors including non-contacting technologies and contacting types.

Oil and Gas Sensor Applications

Our sensors are available for use in the following oil and gas applications

  • Monitoring wells and pipelines
  • Rudder reference
  • Subsea applications
  • Measurement in storage tanks and oil wells
  • Wellhead instrumentation

If you are looking for a sensor for an application that isn’t listed, please contact us to discuss and we will try to find a solution for you.

Sensors for oil and gas from Variohm

Take a look at our product portfolio to see what we can offer. For more information on sensors for oil and gas applications please contact us.

Article published on: 28/01/2022