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Temperature Probe; Applications, Features and Benefits

SMT Ring Terminal Probe ETP-RT. A temperature probe we manufacture here at Variohm. Find out the probes possible applications, features and benefits how can this product benefit you?

General  Applications – What can the SMT Ring Terminal Probe be used for? 

This specific temperature probe is designed to be bolted into place in order to measure surface temperature. Therefore it is well suited for temperature measurement in;


Surface Plates

Heat exchangers

Heat sink applications

Fluid pumping systems

Industrial equipment

Home appliances


And many more –we are always interested to hear what our customers are using our products for…

Features and benefits of the SMT Ring Terminal Probe ETP-RT.

A Temperature sensor housed inside a copper ring terminal

Extended insulated wires

Fast temperature responses due to the characteristics of the potting epoxy and ring terminal

Cost effective

Can be customised to fit your application

Short lead time when ordering our stock model

How available is the SMT Ring Terminal Probe EPT-RT?

A stock model of this temperature probe is available, this has an M4 hole and a 10k3A1 thermistor – but if you have a custom design, challenge Variohm to manufacture the perfect product.  Our Technical Expert Sales team will be more than happy to help. Give us a call with your requirements to find out exactly what we can do for you.

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Article published on: 04/04/2014