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Temperature Probe Uses

Temperature probes have many different uses in a variety of applications. We have been supplying temperature probes for many years now.  These are some of the uses we have come across in our time in the industry.

What is a Temperature Probe?

A temperature probe is a type of temperature sensor. They are available in different designs, sizes and specifications to ensure they are well suited to a particular application. Our temperature probes are available as standard stock products or as custom designs. 

Temperature probes often consist of a temperature sensing element, a housing and wires to be connected to an electrical circuit. 

There are different types of temperature probe available; NTC probes use a thermistor as the sensing element. They offer quick response times and are very sensitive, they offer high reliability and long life. RTD temperature probes use an RTD as the temperature sensing element. They have a much wider temperature range as well as offering high reliability and long life. 

Temperature Probe Uses

Temperature probes are used in any circumstance where temperature needs to be monitored or measured. Some of the industries which have a demand for temperature probes are; Medical, motorsport applications, food and beverage industry, communication applications. 

Some specific temperature probe uses are;

Patient monitoring - skin surface temperature probes and internal temperature probes are used within hospitals and health facilities to ensure the safety of a patient. For this type of temperature probe, a medical approval is required. 

3D Food Printer - The Procusini 3.0 food printer uses temperature probes to ensure the device does not become too hot during use. 

Component manufacturing  - probes are used to ensure that devices do not overheat.

Communication and radio equipment  - temperature probes are used within long-range communication equipment to ensure the device does not overheat. 

Motorsport applications - temperature probes are used in Motorsport to monitor many different aspects of temperature; oil temperature, engine temperature, exhaust gas temperature, etc. 

Other applications include;

  • Industrial equipment 
  • Transit goods vans and lorries
  • Computers and devices 
  • Home appliances - washing machines, dishwashers etc
  • HVAC applications 
  • Calibration equipment
  • Laboratory and testing applications 

The list is endless!

Temperature Probes from Variohm

We have a wide selection of temperature probes available in standard configurations or with customisable features. Many of our own temperature probes are available as either NTC or PT100/PT1000. We have a range of different connection options; ring terminal, hex bolt, brass probes, pipe clamp and more.

Our temperature probes have a wide temperature range, some as large as -55°C to 230°C

If you can’t see what you are looking for or if you would like more information please contact us to help find a solution to suit you.

Article published on: 27/02/2020