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Temperature Sensor Applications

A Temperature Sensor will often play an important part in an application.

There are many applications where maintaining a specific temperature is vital, for example, if products must be kept at a certain temperature or for patient monitoring, the responsiveness and accuracy of the temperature sensor is critical.


More frequently temperature sensor applications will also incorporate instances where although the temperature is not the forefront of the process, other components may not be able to function at certain temperatures so the temperature must be monitored within the application for this reason. The temperature sensor will indicate when the environment becomes too hot or cold and preventative action can be taken to ensure that the entire device is not compromised.

Temperature Sensor Applications

There are Temperature Sensor applications in many industries including medical, motorsport, HVAC, agriculture, industrial, aerospace and automotive. Here are some of the specific temperature sensor applications which we have come across.

·         Motors– there are many different aspects of motors and most of these require temperature measurement to ensure the motor itself does not overheat.

·         Surface plates – ring terminal temperature sensors are often used on surface plates as they can be mounted onto a flat surface and measure temperature effectively.

·         Home appliances – kettles, toasters, washing machines, dishwashers and coffee machines will all contain temperature sensors.

·         Computers– within computers there are temperature sensors to ensure the system does not overheat

·         Industrial equipment – temperature sensors used within these applications will need to be robust as the environment can be very demanding.

·         Warming Electrical Radiators – NTC thermistors are used to control the heat on electric radiators.

·         Exhaust Gas Monitoring on Motorsport Vehicles – Motorsport temperature sensors need to be highly reliable and durable to ensure performance is not compromised in this harsh environment.

·         Food Production; 3D printed chocolates – temperature sensors are used to monitor the temperature of the melted chocolate for 3D printing.

·         Alcohol breathalyser – thermistors are used within alcohol breathalysers to measure the temperature of the subject's breath.

Other Temperature Sensor Applications Include:

·         Transit

·         HVAC

·         Power and Utilities

·         Calibration and Instrumentation

·         Heat Exchangers

·         Industrial Processes

·         Drilling

·         Heating/cooling systems

·         Laboratory

·         Energy

Temperature Sensors from Variohm

Here at Variohm, we are pleased to offer a complete range of temperature sensors from our trusted suppliers as well as our own manufactured products. All of our temperature sensors can be seen here.

Our range is made up of:

·         Temperature Probes

·         Medical Temperature Probes

·         RTD Sensors (Platinum and Nickel)

·         NTC Thermistors         

Article published on: 18/03/2019