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Temperature Sensor Definition

The definition of a temperature sensor is essentially an electronic device used to take accurate temperature measurement readings.

Temperature sensors are available in different “types”. We have a wide selection in our product portfolio. Each type uses a different measurement technique to give their result.

Temperature sensors are all around us, many devices we encounter every day will contain a temperature sensor to ensure they do not overheat, for example, mobile phones, computers, hairdryers etc.

Temperature sensors are also used for applications in monitoring the atmosphere, for example, cabin temperature in planes, the temperature of the individual pods on the London Eye, and the temperature of the home. 

Definition of Various Temperature Sensors

Within our portfolio, we have many different types of temperature sensors available.

Thermistors are small and highly sensitive devices. They have a sensitive bead which can be either glass or epoxy coated which is used to sense the change in temperature by measuring the electrical resistance.

Thermistors are known for having a fast response time. They are highly reliable and are well suited to applications with smaller temperature ranges. They can either be NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) or PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient).

RTD Sensors are another small and sensitive temperature measuring device. Like thermistors, they also detect the temperature by measuring the alterations in electrical resistance.  They can be described as Pt100 or Pt1000 where Pt refers to the chemical element and the numerical reference is the sensors Ohmic value at 0°C.

RTD sensors are known for offering long term stability and their high accuracy.

Temperature Probes from Variohm can be fully customisable and we also offer a standard stock range. A Temperature probe is built using a sensing element, either a thermistor or an RTD and a terminal head or housing.  The housing selected will alter the connection type of the temperature probe itself.

We design and manufacture temperature probes at our facility in Northamptonshire so contact us with your requirements for a fully customised solution.

Thermocouples are highly versatile temperature sensors. They contain two different metals and measure temperature by monitoring the electrical voltage across them. Each type of thermocouple has a different temperature range based on the metals that it contains.

Thermocouples are used for applications where temperatures are extremely high. They are a good solution for higher temperature applications; however, they do tend to become less accurate over time whereas other temperature sensors will be more reliable for longer periods.

Other temperature sensors

As well as the temperature sensors, our portfolio also contains:

Temperature Sensor Uses

Temperature sensors are used throughout many industries, for example:

  • HVAC
  • Motorsport
  • Transit
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Heat exchangers
  • White Goods
  • Power and utilities
  • Automotive Applications
  • Industrial process
  • Laboratory and testing
  • Medical Applications
  • Renewable energy

Temperature Sensors from Variohm

Our Temperature Sensors are all available to view on our website.  

We have a full portfolio of temperature sensors which cover any application in any industry. For more information on any of our products please contact us.

Article published on: 01/03/2021