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The Advantages of Thermistors

The measurement of temperature is extremely common.

There are many temperature measuring devices in the average home. Some of these will use thermistors. Here are some of the advantages of thermistors for temperature measurement.

Thermistors are a type of temperature sensor; their electrical resistance varies as a function of their temperature. They are often used in applications such as fire alarms, refrigerators, ovens and boilers. They measure temperature by assessing the resistance passing through them and converting it into a temperature reading.

The Advantages of Thermistors

Thermistors are well known for their small size and low cost. When compared to thermocouples, thermistors have a few advantages;

  • They are more sensitive than other temperature sensors
  • High sensitivity allows them to work well over a small temperature range
  • They’re low cost and therefore cheap to replace.
  • They provide a fast response
  • Easy to use
  • Small in size so they can fit into the smallest of spaces.
  • Options for customisation
  • Standard two-wire connection system means they are compatible with many devices
  • Easily interfaced to electronic instrumentation

Thermistors are available as NTC (negative temperature coefficient) or PTC (positive temperature coefficient). The difference between NTC and PTC thermistors is whether the resistance increases or decreases as a result of temperature change; NTC show a decrease in resistance and PTC show an increase. Many of the thermistors we offer are NTC thermistors; this is the most common type. The thermistors we can offer tend to be either glass or epoxy coated.

As well as being used in domestic appliances, thermistors are also used for

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Communications and computing equipment
  • Automotive applications
  • Industrial process applications
  • Aerospace applications
  • Medical applications
  • Healthcare and patient monitoring

Thermistors from Variohm

We have a range of NTC Thermistors and Space Qualified Thermistors. Many of our Temperature Probes use NTC thermistors which are potted into different connectors to makes them suitable for different applications. We also have a full range of Temperature Sensors which include thermocouples, temperature probes and medical temperature probes.

Thermistors are commonly defined by their resistance value; we have a range of;

If you require more information on thermistors make sure you contact us on +44 (0)1327 351004 or sales@variohm.com

Article published on: 09/03/2017

Article last updated on: 09/03/2017