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The Benefits of using On-Board weighing.

On-Board weighing is a common application for load cells. On-board weighing can sometimes be referred to as an "overload protection system"

 What is On-Board Weighing? 

On-board weighing involves using load cells to monitor the load applied to a vehicle, commonly used for example on tipper trucks, tankers and bin lorries. The load cells will measure the weight of what is “on-board” hence the name. This enables the vehicle user to potentially load the vehicle to the maximum capacity without the danger of over-loading. It also means that accurately understanding what is added or offloaded allows the vehicle operator to calculate costs and charges accordingly, which in summary shows that by using load cells for onboard weighing ensures that haulage companies operate at maximum efficiency without compromising safety.  

 Benefits of on-board weighing  

On-board weighing has many benefits; 

  • Saves manpower and time as driver controls correct load and fill rates 
  • Prevents truck overload with associated dangers 
  • Saves energy by moving exact amounts 
  • Flexibility to weigh anywhere without a detour to a weighbridge which saves time also 
  • Maximising payload means reducing the number of trips 
  • Prevents excessive wear extending working life 
  • Eliminates overloading and traffic fines  
  • Reduces loading time 

 Examples of on-board weighing 

On-board weighing can be used anywhere where a load requires weighing on a vehicle, here are some other example applications;  

  • Forklift scales 
  • Bulk haulage 
  • Waste management 
  • Forestry  
  • Skip/waste collection scales 
  • Front loader scales 
  • Quarries 

All of these vehicles need to be loaded efficiently so that they carry just enough to make their journeys effective without compromising safety. 

We have supplied many load cells which are used in on-board weighing systems and are happy to discuss opportunities for this type of application.  

See our range of load cells on the load cell page on our website. Contact us for more information 01327 351004, sales@variohm.com or by using the chat tool on the right-hand side of the screen.

Article published on: 26/11/2017

Article last updated on: 26/11/2017