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Types of Temperature Sensor

There are many different types of Temperature Sensor. Here, at Variohm we can offer a wide selection of Temperature Sensors which can be used for different applications.

When discussing different types of temperature sensors, it could mean types of temperature sensors for different applications, for example, NTC thermistors or Space Qualified Thermistors are both thermistors but require different standards of specifications. It could also mean the type of temperature sensor itself, for example, thermocouple, RTD Temperature Sensor, Digital Temperature Sensors etc. So, as well as being many different types of temperature sensors available, the application in question will influence the sensor also.

Types of  Temperature Sensor from Variohm.

Temperature Probes

We have two different types of temperature probes, standard temperature probes and Medical temperature probes.

Our Temperature Probes are available in customisable designs. They are idea for medical, communication, machine builder, HVAC and instrumentation industries. Some of our temperature probes are manufactured on-site.

The Medical Temperature Probes we can offer are from our supplier Measurement Specialties. They are all FDA registered and Health Canada registered as well as being CE/MDD approved for European Sales.

RTD Temperature Sensors

RTD stands for Resistance Temperature Detector, these are more accurate and stable than other temperature sensors. RTD temperature Sensors come in both platinum and nickel. Our Platinum RTD temperature sensors are better known as PT100’s or PT1000 and come in three temperature ranges, Cryo, Medium and High. Our Nickel RTD Temperature sensors, otherwise known as Ni100’s or Ni1000’s, offer long term stability and a high level of resistance.

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Our thermistors come in two types, NTC Thermistors and Space qualified thermistors.

NTC stands for Negative Temperature Coefficient; these are the most common type of thermistor and are highly accurate. NTC Thermistors are available with either glass or epoxy beads depending on the application. They also have different resistance values to suit different situations. Not all of our NTC thermistors are featured on our website, so make sure you contact us if you require more information.

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Space Qualified Thermistors comply with both NASA specifications and ESA specifications, they’re suitable for critical space-qualified temperature applications as well as military temperature applications.


Our Temperature Sensors range also includes thermocouples; these are a type of temperature sensor which consists of two wire legs made from different metals. The Type of thermocouple will determine the types of metals used. Thermocouples are generally used to measure temperature as an inexpensive rugged solution.

Thermocouples from Variohm can be broken into different categories; General Purpose Thermocouples, Mineral Insulated Thermocouples or Miniature Thermocouples. Some of these are from our supplier Measurement Specialties but the majority can be manufactured on-site and so are fully customisable – make sure you contact us if you have a specific thermocouple requirement.

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Motorsport Temperature Sensors

Some temperature sensors are well suited to Motorsport applications and have been well proven in this industry.

Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors are robust and have a proven design. These are suitable for a broad spectrum of applications for gas monitoring in the Motorsport industry and other similar demanding environments.

Infrared Temperature Sensors are available as ETIS block type, Euro-FT shaped and Threaded. They are used in Motorsport applications such as measuring brake temperature.

Combined Pressure and Temperature Transducers are great for Motorsport applications. Having one sensor measure both temperature and pressure saves space and is efficient. These are available with either an internal or external temperature sensor depending on the application.

Other Types of Temperature Sensors

As well as all of the above types of temperature sensors, we also have High Precision Thermometers which can be used with our standard temperature probes, and Digital Temperature Sensors for cooling, heating and HVAC systems.

These are all of the different types of temperature sensor we can offer.

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Article published on: 02/06/2016