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Uses of Linear Potentiometers

Linear potentiometers are part of the Variohm position sensor range. As well as providing products from our key suppliers, we also manufacture and distribute our own range of linear potentiometers.

The application and use of these are broad and found within many different industries so we have focused on some of these specifically for a greater understanding of their wide application range. 

Uses of Linear Potentiometers

Linear  potentiometers have many uses  in industries including,

  • Test/ lab applications
  • Mobile vehicle
  • Medical
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Industrial processing
  • Robotics
  • Industrial machinery
  • Motorsport

We can even offer a range of linear potentiometers which contain IO-Link communications, making them industry 4.0 ready.

More Specific uses of Linear Potentiometers

More specifically, linear potentiometers from  Variohm  have been used in the following applications;

Applied to vehicles which transport limestone across the River Nile: our ELPM sensors were selected for this application as they are well suited to the harsh environment and have a dust cover option to prevent sand from hindering the performance.

Boma7 wheelchair from  Molten Rock: this wheelchair is designed to be used on all terrain. Our ELPM linear potentiometers were selected for use in the steering system due to its size and ability to encounter the harsh environments.

Professional mountain bikes: our VLP and ELPM linear position sensors have been used in professional mountain bikes for some years now.  They are used to measure suspension-fork and frame shock absorber travel.

Agricultural machinery: Our linear position sensors are used in a few different pieces of agricultural machinery for the wheel angle measurement in the steering system. This is a popular application for these types of sensors due to their robustness and ability to work in these environments.

Electric kart:  our linear position sensors are used in many  Motorsport applications and have been proven time and time again in this industry. Not long ago, our VLPs were used in the throttle pedal control for a  ZeroK electric Kart.

These are just some of the uses for linear potentiometers that we have noted over the past few years. If you would like any information on any of the uses described above then please contact us 01327 351004 or

Article published on: 03/01/2018