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Vending machine sensors

According to NIVO Group (National Independent Vending Operators), in 2018 there was one vending machine for every 55 people in the UK, equating to half a million machines vending more than 7 billion items a year.  While machines vending drinks and snacks are a familiar sight in a multitude of locations from retail, leisure and hospitality spaces through to offices, warehouses and healthcare settings, there has also been a rise in the number of specialist markets. Some of the more unusual environments where vending machines are being installed include farms, with The Vending and Automated Retail Association reporting a 367% growth in automated micro markets last year.

Temperature sensors for vending machines

Vending machines contain a number of sensors and switches which monitor various parameters such as temperature and movement. Whether it’s a table-top machine vending ‘bean to cup’ coffee or ice-cold slushies, a point-of-use water dispenser or a floor-standing machine offering confectionery, cans or fresh food for sale, the temperature of the product is key. Items must be received by the consumer in optimum condition and one that complies with hygiene and food safety standards. Too cold or too hot will lessen the quality, could make the product inedible, and may even be highly dangerous.

To maintain the required temperature regardless of the external temperature and humidity, temperature sensors and switches are vital. They must be robust, compact, durable and efficient with a quick response time and long life expectancy.

Custom temperature probes and switches

In addition to our standard range of temperature probes and those available from our trusted suppliers, we can engineer and manufacture custom products to suit any vending machine requirement. Our products use NTC or RTD sensing elements to measure temperature through the change in voltage/electrical current and resistance and are available with different connection options including:
- Ring terminal
- Screw head
- Pipe clamp
- Hex bolt

Our temperature probes have a wide temperature range with our epoxy coated probes operating from -40°C to 125°C and our glass probes operating up to 230°C.

In addition, our sister company Limitor offers a comprehensive portfolio of bimetallic temperature switches and limiters to protect against overtemperatures.

If you need a custom solution for your temperature application please contact our experienced team.






Article published on: 20/06/2022