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Versatile Cable Extension Transducers

Are you after a Versatile Cable Extension Transducer? We have selected 5 from our extensive range and provided more information on them to help you with your selection.

All of our Cable Extension Transducers are from our supplier Celesco Transducer Products; a long term supply partner to Variohm. They can be broken down into different ranges, we have chosen five different ranges to focus on giving you more information.

The OEM range; these can be easily modified to suit custom applications.

The Instrumentation range; all of the cable extension transducers in this range are instrument-grade for industrial automation and testing applications.

The Polycarbonate range; these cable extension transducers have a rugged polycarbonate enclosure.

The Industrial range cable extension transducers all available with Hazardous area certifications and are for use in harsh environments.

The miniature range contains some of the smallest cable extension transducers which are suited to applications where space is at a premium.

1. The Z250 from the OEM Range

The Z250 is compact and flexible whilst being highly accurate. It can be engineered to OEM specifications and can be simply modified to meet specific requirements. The Z250 allows for custom electrical connections, custom mounting and customer specified testing. It is available with or without covers. This cable extension transducer can be engineered for drop-in replacements on current assemblies.

Features of the Z250 Include;

  • Repeatability ±0.15% to ±0.075% of F.S.   
  • Accuracy ±0.25 to ±0.15% of F.S.*
  • Output Signal voltage divider (potentiometer)

For more information on the Z250, see the data sheet here

2.The DV301 from the Instrumentation Range.

The DV301 is a versatile cable extension transducer which is instrument-grade making it well suited to industrial automation and testing applications. It is a combination position and velocity transducer.

Accurate position feedback is provided from the precision plastic-hybrid potentiometer. A self-generating DC tachometer provides a velocity signal which is proportional to the speed of the travelling measuring cable.

The DV301 has stroke range options from 0-2 to 0-100 inches.

See the datasheet for the DV301 here

3.The SPD from the Polycarbonate Range

The SPD Cable Extension Transducer has a rugged polycarbonate enclosure. It comes with both 4…20mA and 0…10V output. The mounting brackets and sensor cover adjust allowing the SPD to be easily installed in any direction. The small size of the SPD means that it can fit into small spaces; it doesn’t need perfect alignment to function.

There are four different stroke options for the SPD, up to 50 inches. It is sealed to IP67 standards – this means it can be used in wet environments so it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

You can take a look at the data sheet for the SPD for more information by clicking the following link

4.The PT9420 from the Industrial Range

The PT9420 industrial cable extension transducer is well suited to more demanding applications and will perform under the harshest of environmental conditions. It is sealed to NEMA 4 standards. The PT9420 has aluminium or stainless steel enclosure options and a VLS option to prevent free release damage.

The PT9420 provides absolute linear position to 550 inches. It is a versatile cable extension transducer and is well suited to applications including; hydraulic cylinder synchronising, telescoping mechanism extension and water gate position.

A hazardous area certificate is available for the PT9420 making it suitable for use different industrial environments.

The datasheet for the PT9420 cable extension transducer is available to view and download here

5. MT3A Cable Extension Transducer from the Miniature series

The MT3A Cable extension transducer is small in size measuring just 49mm in height. It is a solution for high-acceleration applications and is suitable for use in wet environments. It has a high-tension heavy-duty measuring cable which makes it suitable for the demanding environment of flight and automotive crash tests and other extreme high impact applications.

The MT3A has full stroke range options from 0-3, 0-9, 0-15 and 0-30 inches. It is now available with an all-aluminium rugged sensor cover.

See the datasheet for the MT3A here.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about these 5 Versatile Cable Extension Transducers, are you currently using any of them? We’d be interested to know what you are using them for.

If you require any more information on any of our 5 Versatile Cable Extension Transducers – or any of our products - please contact our sales team 01327 351004 or

Article published on: 04/02/2016