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VLP Series Linear Potentiometer Basic Features and Benefits

Why choose a VLP Series Linear Potentiometer?

This Linear Potentiometer has many benefits making it reliable and long lasting, these benefits include;

                    Outstanding repeatability and linearity

                    Dual seal design for extended reliability and longer life; 25 X 10⁶ cycles

                    Elastomer damped wipers for shock and vibration durability

                    Potentiometric output

                    Broad temperature range: -40Ëš to + 150Ëš

The Basic Features of the VLP Linear Potentiometer are…

·         Up to 290mm stroke length available in 25 or 50 mm increments.

·         Robust Metal housing.

·         Self-aligning metal rod bearing mounts

·         Improved O-ring and felt shaft sealing arrangement to IP67

·         The range provides up to +/- 0.1% independent linearity and positioning repeatability to 0.01mm

Why is the VLP Linear potentiometer perfect for your application?

Choose the VLP series linear potentiometer for IP67 rating and temperature range from -40 to 150ËšC – with a short term limit of 175ËšC. The conductive plastic resistance elements technology utilised in the VLP series maintains complete and even contact with very low electrical noise, even under the most arduous physical and environmental conditions.

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