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Waterproof Switch Types

We have a range of waterproof switch types which are available to view on our website. They come from our sister company CPI based in America.

CPI waterproof switches are totally submersible and truly waterproof (unlike alternatives which may only be splashproof) They are suitable applications in industrial and  military environments.

What is a Waterproof Switch?

A waterproof switch is a device used to open/close circuits which is able to function fully in wet environments.

Switches from CPI operate using a basic snap action contact mechanism. They are small in size and are flat and lightweight. To ensure they are fully waterproof, the switch and the lead wires are encased in thermoplastic rubber. They can withstand temperatures from -65°F up to 221°F making them suitable for a wide range of application areas.

Waterproof Switch Types

There are different types of waterproof switches available. CPI waterproof switches have many options for customisation making them a great solution for various industries. 

The different types of waterproof switches we can offer are;

Momentary Switches – momentary switches are pendant style and, like many of our switch types, are completely submersible. They operate on a momentary principle and offer long life.

Ball Switches – ball switches are well suited to applications in critical military and general industrial areas. They are constructed of stainless steel and have a ball carrier seal. This enables them to offer unmatched reliability over extremely long life.

Limit Switches – like many of our switches, limit switches are truly waterproof. They are constructed of stainless steel and designed for applications that require extremely high endurance.  There are countless bracket/actuator variations available.

Maintained Contact Switches – maintained contact switches are another pendant style switch we offer. They are ideal for applications in power cycling and suitable for harsh environments.

Plunger Switches – Plunger switches can be customised with heat sinks, special actuators and travel parameters, they also offer custom mounting specifications. Our plunger switches are IP68 rated.

Waterproof Switch Panels – Waterproof Switch Panels offer excellent resistance to high and low temperatures. They are well suited to applications with regular exposure to various fluids including acids, alkalis, salt spray and fungus. They are also able to withstand exposure to sand and dust/dirt.

Waterproof Switches from Variohm

Our CPI waterproof switches are well suited to applications in controlling and sensing in outdoor equipment and devices. They can be actuated by hand or by using a mounting brackets for a mechanical option.

Our waterproof switches have the following advantages – these are unique to our switches;  

  • High endurance – up to 5 million cycles.
  • Small in size – making them well suited to applications where space is at a premium
  • Wide temperature range – ensuring they are suitable for use in freezing or sub-sea applications.  

Our waterproof switches are proven to be reliable in harsh-duty applications where they are exposed to water, oil, humid environments, dust, dirt, sand, shock and vibration as well as high temperatures.

For more information on our waterproof switches or to discuss your application please contact us.

Article published on: 05/05/2022