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What is a Pressure Sensor?

What is a pressure sensor?

A pressure sensor is a device or instrument which is able to measure the pressure in gases or liquids. A pressure sensor consists of a pressure-sensitive element which can determine the pressure being applied and components to convert the information into an output signal. A pressure sensor will generate a signal based on the measurement of the pressure applied.

Pressure Transducers, Transmitters and Switches

There are different types of pressure sensors. Pressure transducers – also called Pressure Transmitters and Pressure Switches.

Pressure Switches – A pressure switch will not indicate actual pressure; they are designed to make or break a contact when the desired pressure range is reached. Pressure switches are well known for their quick response times. They are dependable and offer long working life. Pressure switches are often small in size and they are lower cost than other pressure sensing devices.

Pressure transducers – Pressure Transducers give feedback on the actual system pressure through an analogue or digital output. Pressure Transducers are generally more expensive than pressure switches but are more robust and stronger. Pressure transducers are able to withstand harsh environmental conditions and are resistant to water and dirt. Pressure transducers are suitable for more industrial applications and vehicle applications offering excellent accuracy and high strength.

What are Pressure Sensors Used for?

Pressure sensors are used throughout many industries for applications including:

·         Alarm systems

·         Water levels in appliances

·         Coffee machines

·         Medical breathing apparatus

·         Robotics

·         Automation

·         Refrigeration systems

·         Off-road construction

·         Agricultural applications

·         Monitoring oxygen levels

·         Industrial hydraulics

Pressure Sensors from Variohm

Pressure sensors are part of our product range and are one of our more popular categories. At Variohm we can offer pressure switchespressure transducers and combined pressure and temperature transducers.

We have our own range of pressure transducers – the EPT range. Most of this range has no internal O rings meaning they can offer even higher accuracy and even longer life. A range of designs and specification options are available including different port configurations, pressure ranges, output signals and electrical interfaces.  

Our own range of combined pressure and temperature sensors has been developed for use primarily within the motorsport industry. They are ideal for applications where space is tight as they measure two variables with one sensor. Different designs offer either internal or external temperature sensors.  

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Article published on: 31/01/2019