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What is an Inductive Sensor?

An Inductive sensor is used to measure position .They are usually used within harsh environments as they are generally robust and can deliver stable signals even in hostile environments.

They use a contactless principle which gives them longer life and makes them highly reliable.

Inductive linear sensors are part of our range here at Variohm, they come from our supplier Novotechnik & our sister company Positek. These are wear free alternatives to traditional potentiometers.

Inductive sensors work on a transformer principle using a physical phenomenon based on alternating electrical currents.

Benefits of using Inductive Sensors

Inductive Sensors are widely used because of their touchless position detection and unlimited mechanical life span. Other benefits of Inductive Sensors are;

  • High Resolution
  • High Repeatability 
  • High linearity  
  • High Accuracy  
  • Robust  
  • Easy to install  
  • High resilience to foreign matter  
  • Unaffected by magnetic fields  
  • Low thermal drift  
  • Maintenance free  
  • Wear free - long life  


What is an Inductive Sensor used for?

Inductive sensors are well suited to pulling and pushing applications and high dynamic positioning tasks within a variety of industries and environments. They are very often selected for use in safety related applications or applications where high reliability is essential. The environments they are most suited to are often involving humidity, water, condensation, high temperatures and foreign matter such as dirt, grease sand or grit.

Typical Applications for the Inductive Linear Sensors we can offer are;

  • Manufacturing        
  • Engineering  
  • Plastic Injection Moulding  
  • Textiles  
  • Packaging  
  • Sheet metal work  
  • Wood work  
  • Automation Technology  
  • Intrinsically safe & subsea applications  


Inductive Sensors from Variohm

The Inductive sensors we can offer are from our supplier Novotechnik and our sister company Positek, they are compact with a wide stroke range of typically up to 1M with a repeatability of better than 0.025% and linearity is up to +/- 0.05%.

For more information see the non-contacting linear sensors page on our website. Contact us: +44(0)1327 351004 or for more information on Inductive Sensors or on any of the products in our range.

Article published on: 29/07/2019