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Where are Sensors Used?

Sensors are used all around us - you may be surprised to know how often our daily routine involves the use of sensors. 

Here at Variohm, we specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of sensors and transducers. 

What industries are Sensors used in?

Our main areas for supplying sensors include;

  • Medical industry
  • Automotive
  • Industrial applications 
  • Aerospace and defence 
  • Agriculture 

To name a few…

However, sensor usage is not limited to these areas. In day to day life, you will come into contact with sensors continuously for example when making a cup of coffee the kettle will use temperature sensors to ensure they reach the right temperature, a coffee machine uses pressure switches to monitor the amount of liquid dispensed. 

Other examples of home appliances which use sensors is your heating system boiler, washing machines, dishwashers and other white goods which use temperature sensors. 

When travelling to work, many vehicles including cars, trains, buses etc. all use sensors to monitor oil temperature and pressure, throttle and steering systems and so many more aspects. 

When you are at work, the lights may turn on using a motion sensor. Public toilet flushes often use a push-button or an infrared switch. You may also use a computer which uses many different sensors. 

In hospitals, sensors are used continuously for patient monitoring; temperature, heart rates, MRI machines, oxygen tanks, the list goes on. 

In restaurants, the kitchen will often have an extractor fan which uses a differential pressure switch to alert the staff if the fan becomes clogged. Ovens also have temperature sensors. As part of hygiene and safety standards, many restaurants may also use temperature probes to test the temperature of the food to ensure it is thoroughly cooked or chilled.

These are just a few examples of the instances in everyday life which involve the use of sensors. 

Different types of sensors 

Our portfolio includes a wide range of different sensors, our most popular sensor categories are;

Position sensors

Pressure sensors

Temperature sensors 

Load cells/ force sensors 

We also offer

Where are Position sensors used?

Position sensors are used to measure displacement, movement and position. They are either linear or rotary. See all of our position sensors on our website

Amongst many other applications, position sensors are used for;

  • Steering angle measurement 
  • Barriers and gate angle measurement 
  • Wind direction measurement 
  • Throttle control
  • Ramp and bridge positioning 
  • Flight simulators 

Find out more about position sensor applications in our blog post. 

If you are looking for a position sensor for your position application please contact us. 

Where are Pressure Sensors Used?

Pressure sensors are used to measure pressure. This can be absolute, gauge or differential. The most popular types of pressure sensors are pressure transducers, also known as pressure transmitters or pressure switches. 

A few examples of pressure sensor applications are;

  • Fans and filters
  • Tyre pressure
  • Oil pressure
  • Braking systems on vehicles 
  • HVAC applications 
  • Diesel and engines applications 

Take a look at all of our pressure sensors on our website, or find out more about pressure sensor uses here. Contact us for more information on any of our pressure sensors. 

Where are Load Cells Used?

Load cells are also known as force sensors or weight sensors. They are used in weighing applications, very often in scales. They give an accurate weight measurement by measuring the amount of force applied. There are many different types of load cells; each different type is well suited to a different type of application.

Some uses for load cells are;

  • On-board weighing
  • Platform scales
  • Counting scales
  • Hopper sales
  • Tank weighing 

See all of our load cells on our website - contact us for more information on any of our load cells please contact us. 

Where are Temperature Sensors Used?

Temperature sensors are used for measuring and monitoring the temperature of solids, liquids and gases. This is probably the most common type of sensor within the home. There are many different types of temperature sensors with different shapes and sizes to suit different applications. Find out more about temperature probes here and temperature sensor uses. 

Some uses for temperature sensors include;

  • Motors
  • Surface plates
  • Home appliances
  • Industrial equipment
  • Computers
  • Exhaust gas monitoring 
  • Electrical radiators

Take a look at our temperature sensors on our website. Many of our temperature sensors are customisable or have features which are customisable so please contact us if you cannot find the ideal solution for your application. 

Sensors from Variohm

You can take a look at an overview of our products on our Product Portfolio page. 

If you would like help selecting a sensor for your application please contact us. 

Variohm Eurosensor are part of Variohm Holdings, as a group, we are able to cover all bases, take a look at our sister companies;

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Article published on: 26/03/2020