Measurement Specialties Products from Variohm – Authorised UK Distributor.

Measurement Specialties Products from Variohm – Authorised UK Distributor.

Being an authorised UK distributor for Measurement Specialties, also known as Meas Spec, means we can offer a wide range of Measurement Specialties products which are well suited to a range of applications.

The range we can offer includes Position Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Humidity sensors, Pressure Sensors , Piezo film sensors and other types of sensors, see an explanation of our full range below, please contact us using the details above if you require further information or can’t find what you are looking for.

Measurement Specialties Position Sensors

The range of Position sensors from Measurement Specialties we can offer includes, Cable extension Transducers (or string pots), Rotary Potentiometers and Non contacting. Visit the Position sensors section of our website to see all of our position sensors sorted by type.  For technical information on our Measurement Specialties Position Sensors please contact our sales team using the details above. We have regular product training from Measurement Specialties so we are experts in all of their products.

Measurement Specialties Temperature Sensors

Our temperature sensors from Measurement Specialties comprise of a wide range of probes including, stainless steel, probes for high humidity, insulated and RTD, see our full range of temperature probes. We also offer medical temperature probes from Measurement Specialties, both reusable and disposable, which can be used for a range of patient monitoring applications all of which are FDA registered and are CE marked for global sales. See our Measurement Specialities Medical Temperature Probes.

Other temperature sensors we can offer include digital temperature sensors, thermocouples and RTD temperature sensors. Visit our Temperature sensors page for our full range.

Measurement Specialties Humidity Sensors

We can offer humidity sensors from Measurement Specialities; Humidity sensor components, PCB Modules, Humidity sensor Assemblies and Humidity Sensor Mini-Modules . These can all be found on our Humidity Sensors page.

Pressure Sensors from Measurement Specialties.

We can offer a range of PCB mountable pressure sensors from Measurement Specialties, this range includes Board Level Pressure Sensors, Media Isolated Pressure Components and MEMS Silicon Die and Microstructures. Take a look at our Pressure Sensors.

Measurement Specialities Piezo Film Sensors

We can offer Measurement Specialities Piezo Film Sensors; Piezo cable, Piezo film elements,  Piezo film sheets and piezo switches and ultrasonic sensors. Some of these are available in different sizes and thicknesses. Take a look at the Piezo Film Sensors section of our website for full product details and data sheets.

Measurement Specialties Fluid Property Sensors

Fluid Property sensors are used to measure the density, viscosity, dielectric constant and temperature of liquids. You can take a look at the full range of Measurement Specialties Fluid Property sensors that we offer. If you need technical advice please contact our sales team, they will be happy to help you choose the correct sensor for your application. 

Measurement Specialties Force and Torque Sensors

We offer Force Sensors from Measurement Specialities, including load cells which feature MicrofusedTechnology, this enables force to be measured at high reliability but still low cost. We can offer Force Sensor Elements, Packaged Load Cells and Force Sensor Instrumentation.

The Torque Sensors we can offer from Measurement Specialties are Dynamic Torque Sensors; Non-Contact Torque Sensors and Rotary Torque Sensors. We also have Static Torque Sensors available including reaction torque sensors.

Measurement Specialties Mass Air Flow Sensors

The Mass Air Flow sensors we can offer from Measurement Specialties are designed using proven automotive thin film anemometer technology. The airflow is sensed as the heat loss from the thin film heater is measured. These sensors are fast and sensitive whilst also robust making them well suited to applications measuring mass air flow in combustion engines, the medical industry and industrial mass airflow applications.  

Measurement Specialties Photo Optic Sensors

The Measurement Specialties Photo Optic Sensors  we can offer include both Photo Optic Components and OEM Pulse Oximetry (SpOz) Probe Platforms. These have been designed for medical applications. The OEM Pulse Oximetry (SpOz) Probe Platform includes soft silicon boots, reusable finger clips and a range of disposable sensors.

Measurement Specialties Rate and Inertial Sensors

Rate and Inertial Sensors are part of our Measurement Specialties range which contain both Inertial Systems and Rate Sensors/Gyros. These are well suited to applications in Aerospace, Auto safety and Test and Measurement Applications.

Meas Spec Scanners and systems

We can offer Scanners and Systems from Measurement Specialties including pressure scanners and temperature scanners along with Data acquisition systems, calibration systems and accessories.

Measurement Specialties Traffic Sensors

The range of traffic sensors we can offer from Measurement specialities include Piezoelectric traffic sensors and fibre optic traffic sensors.

Meas Spec Vibration Sensors

Our range of vibration sensors from Measurement Specialties include embedded accelerometers, plug and play accelerometers and electronic accessories. Give us a call to discuss these sensors in more detail.

Measurement Specialties Ultrasonic Sensors

The Ultrasonic Measurement Specialities products we can offer are Point Liquid Level Sensors, Point Air Detection Sensors, Continuous Liquid Level Transmitters, Micro-Measurement Level and Distance Transmitters and Air Bubble/ Air-in-line Detectors.  

Measurement Specialities Water Level Sensors

The range of water level sensors we can offer from Measurement Specialties include temperature and pressure sensors, call our sales team for more information and technical advice.

About Measurement Specialties

Measurement Specialties is a global designer and manufacturer of sensors and sensor-based systems which measure pressure/force, position, temperature, humidity, vibration and fluid properties. The products Measurement Specialties offer are used as embedded devices by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or as stand-alone sensors for test and measurement to provide critical monitoring, feedback and control input.

Measurement Specialties are expanding their technology portfolio and geographic reach through the acquisition of strategically complementary companies. Their operations in the US, Europe and China allow them to provide resources close to all of their customers. This global footprint allows Measurement Specialities to offer the lowest cost of ownership to OEMs.

For more information please contact: Email: Tel:+44 (0) 1327 351004 Fax: +44 (0) 1327 353564

Article date: 11 / Feb / 2015

Measurement Specialties Products from Variohm – Authorised UK Distributor.

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