What is a Transducer? – An Explanation

What is a Transducer? – An Explanation

What is a transducer? We know that this question is asked on a regular basis. There are different types which can be used for different applications. So what is a Transducer?

Essentially a transducer is an electronic device which converts energy from one form to another. Some examples you may be familiar with include microphones and loud speakers.

There are two different types of transducer an input transducer which is a sensor and an output transducer which is an actuator.

What is an Input Transducer?

An Input transducer, or sensor, takes a form of physical energy and converts it into a signal which can be read.  For example a microphone takes physical sound waves and turns those into an electrical signal which can be transferred though wires to the amplifier.

A pressure transducer is also a type of Input transducer. They convert physical force into a number or reading that can be measured and understood.

What is an Output Transducer?

An Output transducer, or actuator, does the opposite of an Input transducer. It takes electrical signals and converts them into another form of energy. For example a lamp converts electricity to light and a motor converts electricity into motion.

Types of transducers we can offer.

We can offer different types of transducers. We have a range of pressure transducers, this are used in many industries including; automotive, off-road, construction and agricultural appliances.

Pressure transducers are types of Input Transducer, they work by responding to force applied to them and converting the force into an electrical output.

We also offer position transducers, these come in the form of Linear Position Transducers, Cable Extension Transducers and In-Cylinder Linear Position Transducers.

Position Transducers are also types of Input Transducers. They convert mechanical motion into an electrical output.  

For more information on Position Transducers and Pressure Transducers, contact our sales team using the details above.

What is a transducer? A transducer is a device which converts one form of energy into another; we are surrounded by them in everyday life but they can also be more complicated types of sensors and actuators. If you would like more information on transducers please contact us. 

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Article date: 18 / May / 2015

What is a Transducer? – An Explanation

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