What is an RTD Sensor?

What is an RTD Sensor?

What is an RTD Sensor? And what are they used for?

RTD stands for Resistance Temperature Detector, so an RTD Sensor is a type of Temperature Sensor. An RTD Sensor contains a resistor which changes resistance value as the temperature changes.

What are RTD sensors used for?

RTD Sensors are more accurate and stable than other temperature sensors such as thermistors or thermocouples. They also have a wider temperature range, approximately -200˚C to 850˚C. This high temperature range means that RTD Sensors are well suited to high temperature industrial processes.

The RTD Sensors constructed of platinum have the highest temperature capabilities but they can also be made from nickel, copper and nickel-iron. They offer high repeatability; this means that they can accurately measure identical temperatures with minimal discrepancies even when exposed to repeated heating and cooling cycles.

RTD Sensors have an immediate response time, less than 0.5 to 5 seconds, making them suitable for industrial applications, HVACR, white goods, automotive and marine.

Types of RTD Sensors from Variohm

Here at Variohm we can offer a range of RTD sensors.

  • Thin Film Platinum RTD Sensorscome in three different temperature ranges; Cryo -196˚C to +150˚C, Medium -70˚C to +500C and high -70˚C to +850˚C. They are designed for applications where long term stability, interchangeability and accuracy over large temperature ranges are important.
  • Nickel RTD Sensors are suitable for temperature ranges of -60˚C to +200˚C and are constructed of the latest thin film technology. These offer short response times and long term stability.
  • Glass Wire Round RTD Sensors  are very accurate and offer vibration resistance. Like all of the RTD Sensors we can offer, these also offer fast response times. The Glass Wire Round RTD Sensors are particularly well suited to test and measurement applications.
  • SMD Platinum RTD Sensors are designed for automatic mounting in large volume applications on printed circuit boards. These are for temperature ranges -50˚C to 150˚C and also offer long term stability.

If you would like any more information on RTD Sensors please contact us 01327 351004 or sales@variohm.com

For more information please contact: Email: sales@variohm.com Tel:+44 (0) 1327 351004 Fax: +44 (0) 1327 353564

Article date: 15 / Apr / 2016

What is an RTD Sensor?

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