Top 3 Load Cells for use in Weighbridge Applications.

Top 3 Load Cells for use in Weighbridge Applications.

We have a variety of load cells available from our suppliers Zemic Europe and Vishay Measurements. Many of the load cells we can offer are well suited to different applications.

Weighbridges are just one of the applications we can provide load cells for, some of the load cells we offer are particularly suited to weighbridge applications.  

Weighbridges, usually mounted permanently on a concrete foundation, will weigh an entire vehicle and its contents.  Load cells that are used in weighbridges need to be robust and able to deal with what the elements throw at them.   Here are our top 3 load cells depending on the specific weighbridge application.

HM9B-C3-30t Load Cell

The HM9B-C3-30t Load Cell is a dual shear beam load cell with IP68 Protection. As well as being well suited to weighbridge scales it is also used for applications such as truck, track, hopper and other electronic weighing devices. It has high accuracy and is OIML approved.

The wiring for the HM9B-C3-30t is shielded and consists of 4 conductor cables. The cable diameter is Ø5.5mm and the standard cable length is 20m.

You can see the HM9B-C3-30t Load Cell on our website by clicking the following link

HM9E-C3-65k Load Cell

The HM9E-C3-65K Load Cell is another load cell from our dual shear beam range. It also has IP68 protection and high accuracy. The HM9E-C3-65k Load Cell is hermetically sealed meaning it is impervious to the surrounding environment. As well as weighbridge scales, this load cell can also be used for truck and track scales.

The HM9E-C3-65k Load Cell is available with an OIML test certificate, an NTEP Certificate and a CE Certificate of compliance so it can be used in a range of industries.

You can see the HM9E-C3-65K Load Cell on our website by clicking the link.

BM24R/RLC Load Cell

The BM24R/RLC is a pancake load cell. It has integrated static overload protection up to 13t. The BM24R/RLC is hermetically sealed and is suitable for hopper, platform and pallet scales as well as weighbridge scales.

The BM24/RLC Load Cell is constructed of stainless steel and is low profile.

Find out more about the RLC load cell by viewing is on our website here.

More information on the BM24R Loadcell can be found here.

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Article date: 21 / Apr / 2016

Top 3 Load Cells for use in Weighbridge Applications.

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