Sensors used for Engine Management

Sensors used for Engine Management

There are many different types of sensors used for Engine Management. We have taken some time to give more information on each type of sensor used in this field.

In modern engines, there are high demands to provide maximum performance and fuel economy and often, reducing fuel emissions is a must. This requires an increasing number of sensors in order to monitor and help manage the operation of the engine.

At Variohm, we can offer a wide variety of sensors which are suitable for engine management in trucks, buses and off road vehicles to help OEM reach the ever increasing demands of the industry. Our sensors can perform under extreme temperature, vibration and shock making them well suited to the harsh environments of engine management.

Sensors for Engine Management from Variohm

Below is a list of some of the sensor categories we have available containing sensors for engine management; click on each category to view the full range.

·         Position Sensors for Engine Management - Many of our position sensors are well suited to engine management due to their durability and suitability to these harsh environments. These are suitable for truck, bus and off-road vehicle applications.

·         Pressure Sensors for Engine management – these are available as our very own EPTs. They have either standard or custom configurations and have high reliability.

·         Temperature Sensors for Engine Management – Our temperature sensors are intelligent, efficient and high performing which makes them well suited to engine management operations. Temperatures from -200˚C up to 1000˚C can be monitored with our temperature sensors.

·         Fluid Property Sensors for Engine Management – based on tuning fork technology, fluid property sensors are specifically designed to provide fluid quality and conditioning monitoring and are suitable for use in truck, bus and off road vehicle applications; these include oil, fuel and DEF monitoring.

·         Humidity Sensors for Engine Management – our wide range of humidity sensors measure relative humidity and are available in a variety of output signals.

·         Liquid Level Sensors for Engine Management – the liquid level sensors we can offer utilise UltraStable technology for tank and fully submersible liquid level management.

If you require more information on any of the above sensor categories then please contact us; sales@variohm.comor 01327 351004.

For more information please contact: Email: Tel:+44 (0) 1327 351004 Fax: +44 (0) 1327 353564

Article date: 19 / Nov / 2018

Sensors used for Engine Management

Published by: Variohm EuroSensor

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