What is a Hall Effect sensor?

What is a Hall Effect sensor?

Hall Effect sensors are components which are used to measure the magnitude of a magnetic field and can measure either linear or rotary position.

Hall Effect is a non-contacting technology, this means that the technology is wear free – this gives Hall Effect sensors virtually infinite life. Hall Effect sensors can measure position, velocity or directional movement.

The main category of Hall Effect sensors that we offer is rotary.

Rotary Hall Effect Sensors

Rotary Hall Effect sensors work by responding to an interruption in a magnetic field or the presence of a magnetic field. Rotary movement is sensed using solid state Hall Effect technology.

Rotary Hall Effect sensors are extremely robust, offer a long life and are suitable for harsh environments, as they often have a high IP rating, meaning they are resistant to certain environmental factors such as moisture or dust ingress.

Application examples for Rotary Hall Effect Sensors

Rotary Hall Effect sensors are used in a variety of applications and are well proven in a multitude of industries to include, mobile vehicle, process & packaging machines/equipment, automotive, marine & motorsport to name a few.

Some example applications for Rotary Hall Effect sensors are;

·         Steering applications

·         Pedal and throttle

·         Web tension control

·         Rudder reference

·         Boom & slew angle

·         Flow control valves

·         CCTV

·         Wind direction

·         Joysticks & hand controllers

Rotary Hall Effect Sensors from Variohm

We have a wide range of Rotary Hall Effect sensors which can be found on our website. Our range includes products from our trusted suppliers as well as our own range

·         Euro XP

·         Euro XPD

·         Euro XPK

For more information on Rotary Hall Effect Sensors and to discuss custom options please contact us: 01327 351004 or sales@variohm.com 

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Article date: 07 / Feb / 2019

What is a Hall Effect sensor?

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