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Cable Extension Transducers

We can supply Cable Extension Transducers, which offer an alternative method for measuring linear displacement. 

See our range of cable extension transducers below and click on the products for more information and data sheets.

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Rest of our Cable Extension Transducers

SP Series

  • Up to 1270mm Stroke


Up to 1270mm (50 inches)


SM Series

  • Up to 635mm Stroke
  • Various Output Options 

SG Series

  • CANopen
  • 0...10VDC or 4...20mA Output

SK Series

  • up to 10160mm stroke

Miniature Series Cable Extension Transducers

  • Up to 38mm Stroke
  • Various Output options 

PT1 Series

  • Up to 1270mm stroke

Classic Cable Extension Transducer Series

  • Up to 2540mm stroke
  • Various Output Options 

PT5 Series Cable Extension Transducer

  • Up to 6350mm stroke
  • Various Output Options

PT8 Series Cable Extension Transducer

  • Hazadous area certification available
  • Various Output options 

PT9 Series Cable Extension Transducer

Up to 1700 Inches

Hazardous Area certification 

PT9 EXT Series Cable Extension Transducer

Up to 1700 Inches

Extended range