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PT9 Series Cable Extension Transducer

PT9 Series Cable Extension Transducer

The PT9 Series Cable Extension Transducer is well suited to long-range and demanding applications requiring linear position measurements up to 1700". It operates with any basic panel meter or programmable controller and is available with options of 500, 1k, 5k or 10k ohm potentiometer. Hazardous area certification is available, Measurement ranges up to 550 inches. Environmental suitability: NEMA 6, IP68

Within the PT9 Cable Extension Transducer Series the following options are available;

  • PT9101 - Voltage Divider 
  • PT9150 - Optical Encoder to 550 in
  • PT9232 - RS232
  • PT9301 -  Velocity + Position Sensor
  • PT9420 - 4 to 20mA NEMA
  • PT9510 - 0 to 5V and 0 to 10V
  • PT9600 - String Encoder Module 
  • PT9CN - CAN Output
  • PT9DN - DeviceNet
  • RBS9000 - Slot Opening Cable Extension Transducer Extra Protection 
  • VLS9000 - Cable Extension Transducer with Cable Disconnect 

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