Force Sensor - FX1901 Series

Description: The FX1901 series establishes a breakthrough price/performance value for compression load cells. With full scale ranges of 10, 25, 50 or 100 lbf compression, the FX1901 is a 1% load cell device at a cost of approximately $10 for volumes of 10,000 pieces. This new, low-cost technology will enable force sensing in a whole new class of "smart" consumer and medical products that can sense simple user inputs derived from force. Measurement Specialties' proprietary Microfusedâ„¢ technology, derived from demanding aerospace applications, employs micro-machined piezoresistive strain gages fused with high temperature glass to a high performance stainless steel force measuring flexure. Microfusedâ„¢ technology eliminates age-sensitive organic epoxies used in traditional load cell designs, providing excellent long term span and zero stability. Operating at very low strains, Microfusedâ„¢ technology utilizes strain gages providing gage factors greater than 100, providing an essentially unlimited cycle life expectancy, superior resolution, exceedingly high overrange capabilities (without the need for stops) and a ratiometric span of 20 mV/V. The FX1901-0001-XXX-L has been specifically designed to function reliably in your super cost sensitive applications. The combination of low cost stamped flexures and micro miniaturized MEMs strain gages permits ultra low costs to be achieved in high volume M applications ranging from disposable medical devices to durable appliances and exercise equipment. The FX1901-0001 units are intended for use in normal lab, hospital or consumer product applications.
• Ultra low cost High Reliability Design for M, Appliance and Medical Applications
• Compression Ranges: 10, 25, 50, 100 lbf
• Compact coin cell package
• Anti-rotation mounting features
• Low cost connectors available
• Small size
• Low noise
• Robust: High overrange
• High reliability
• Millivolt output: 20 mV/V nominal
• Low deflection
• Fast
• Essentially unlimited cycle life expectancy

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