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Non-contacting rotary position sensors

We offer a comprehensive range of non-contacting Hall effect rotary position sensors. We design and manufacture these in-house, or source from the world's leading suppliers.

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Euro-XP Rotary Hall Effect Sensor

  • Hall Effect
  • Programmable Angles
  • Up to 360°

Euro-MXPS Programmable Sensor (micro-shaft)

  • Programmable angles from 30º up to 360º, IP68, 23g

Euro-MXPK Programmable Sensor (micro puck)

  • Programmable angles from 30º up to 360º, IP68, 17g

Euro MXPD Programmable Sensor (micro D-shaft)

  • Programmable Sensor with angles from 30° to 360°, IP68, 21g

Euro XPD D-Shaft Non Contacting Rotary Sensor

  • Hall-Effect
  • Programmable angles
  • Up to 360°

Euro XPK Puck

  • programmable angles
  • puck magnet,
  • hall-effekt

Euro-CMRT - Micro Rotary Sensor

  • IP68
  • programmable angles
  • up to 360°

Euro-CMRK - Micro Rotary Sensor

  • Micro Puck and magnet design
  • Smallest range on the market

Euro-CMRS - Micro Rotary Sensor

  • Programmable angles
  • hall-effect
  • from 30º up to 360º

Phoenix America LLC

AM-RSS series programmable angle sensors

  • Hall Effect Technology
  • Programmable from 30° up to 360°
  • IP68 protection

R2 Rotary Position Sensor

For OEM Applications, 0° to 360° Absolute Angular Position Sensing