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Thermal Switches (Hi REL)

The thermal switches, offered by our sister company Control Products Inc., are suitable for demanding industrial and military applications that require the highest levels of reliable electromechanical control and safety performance. You can work with tight tolerances and programmable setpoints up to 954°C. The standard products are complemented by a design team that develops custom switches for OEMs around the world.

A qualification summary lists the specifications of thermal switches for aircraft applications. We have selected a practical combination of sections from RTCA DO-160C that represents the toughest conditions you are likely to encounter in an application. The following outlines the sections of RTCA DO-160C that all CPI thermal switches have been qualified for.

View our summary of RTCA DO-160C environmental qualifications.

CPI's thermal switches are divided into three main categories, each with different sensitivity and temperature profiles.

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