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ENTC EB Series ENTC EB Series ENTC EB Series ENTC EB Series

ENTC EB Series

The ENTC EB Series is specifically designed for sensing small changes in temperature for mid-range temperature applications. Due to its high sensitivity and high resistance, it is ideal for tight tolerance instrumentation in non-condensing moisture environments.

• High Sensitivity
• Epoxy-encapsulated
• Temperature range -40° C to 150° C
• RoHS compliant

Products within the ENTC EB Series include;

ENTC EB 1k3347-02

ENTC EB 2.2k3977-02

ENTC EB 5k3977-02

ENTC EB 10k3977-02

ENTC EB 30k4262-02

ENTC EB 50k4262-02

ENTC EB 100k4262-02


 Element  NTC Thermistor
 Wire Material  76 mm bare leads, 32 AWG solid Alloy 180
 Resistance at 25°C  See datasheets 
 Resistance Tolerance from 0°C to 70°C  ± 0.2°C
 Beta Value 25/85 constant  ± 0.5%
 Dissipation factor (in air)  ~ 2 mW/°C
 Thermal time constant (in air)  ~15 sec
 Operating temperature range  -40° C to + 150° C


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