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ENTC G1B Series Thermistors

ENTC G1B Series Thermistors

Each thermistor in the ENTC G1B Series Thermistors has a hermetically sealed glass bead.

They offer stability and reliability even at very high temperatures.

These thermistors can be used in a variety of applications such as heating and cooling systems and hot water boilers. It is well suited for humid environments and where thermal shocks can occur.

See the individual datasheets for information on different resistance values. 

The ENTC G1B Series Thermistors includes the following products;

  • ENTC G1B 2k3499-1
  • ENTC G1B 5k3976-1
  • ENTC G1B 10k3435-1
  • ENTC G1B 10k3976-1
  • ENTC G1B 30k3942-1
  • ENTC G1B 50k3976-1
  • ENTC G1B 100k4000-1


 Element  NTC Thermistor
 Wire Material  Ø 0.25mm dumet wire (NiFe alloy w/copper coating)
 Resistance at +25°C  See Datasheets 
 Resistance Tolerance at +25°C  ± 1%
 Beta Value 25/85 constant  ± 1%
 Dissipation factor (in still air)  1mW/°C
 Thermal time constant (in still air)  ~7 sec
 Operating temperature range  -40°C to +250°C


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