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Vibration Sensors from Wilcoxon

Vibration Sensors
Vibration Sensors

Our range of vibration Sensors from Wilcoxon, specialises in piezoelectric accelerometers. Wilcoxon have been recognised as a reliable, world-class sensor manufacturer that takes pride in their quality products and impeccable customer service.

Accelerometers sense vibration commonly found in most industrial machinery. Applications for acceleration and velocity sensors include machinery health monitoring of motors, fans, pumps, gearboxes, blowers, machine tool spindles, compressors, chillers, rollers, and mixers.

Maintenance professionals use accelerometers for predictive maintenance to lower overall cost and increase machinery performance. Wilcoxon’s extensive offering of vibration sensors includes velocity sensors for machinery health monitoring, high frequency and low frequency accelerometers for high-speed and slow-speed monitoring, high temperature sensors for extreme environments, dual output sensors which measure vibration and temperature, and triaxial accelerometers which measure vibration along three axis. Wilcoxon has the right vibration sensors for every machinery health monitoring application

Our range includes:

Accelerometers | 4-20 mA Vibration Sensors | Specialty Sensors | Cables and connectors | Accessories | Vibration shakers | Intrinsically Safe Sensors | Custom Products

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Vibration Monitors

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