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Our History

In the 1960s a man called Henry Schuster had the vision to build a company which made the world’s best industrial sensors available to designers and engineers across Europe - that company was called Eurosensor. Over the succeeding years, Henry used his skill to put together a portfolio of some of the world's best position, pressure and temperature sensors and to sell them throughout Europe via a network of distributors.

In 1974 Roy and Joan Moffatt also started a company equally dedicated to the sales of sensors within the UK and Ireland. The company was called Variohm Components and as time passed the company grew and had an outside sales team of six sales engineers covering the territory.

Although they were founded and managed by different people, the similarities between the two companies were striking. Both companies promoted the products they sold using exhibitions, advertising, and extensive press coverage. Both companies had a philosophy of offering the highest quality products backed up by the best possible customer care.

The differences between the two organisations were just as striking; one found its markets in Europe and Asia whilst the other was building a solid base at home in the UK. Even the sensors which they sold were complementary rather than competitive.

On the 1st May 2002 Eurosensor was purchased by Variohm Components and a new entity, Variohm Eurosensor, came into being. This new grouping brought together the strengths and characteristics of the two previous companies to offer a truly unrivalled range of products. Indeed, our range is so wide that you never have to compromise on your requirements - our achieved aim is to offer you an efficient, cost-effective and flexible service, irrespective of your size, business and geographical location.

Variohm Eurosensor has the experience, structure, links and financial strength to deliver technical support, top-quality service and expert advice across our entire product portfolio. Our sales engineers will work with you on your projects to provide effective solutions and are fully supported by qualified technical staff. Our customer service is backed by an effective quality control system and we are ISO 9001:2015 approved.

Variohm Eurosensor is part of the Variohm Group of companies which was acquired by the discoverIE plc group [LSE: DSCV] in January 2017. This has allowed the business to prosper further and continue to invest in its staff and new technology, enabling Variohm to expand its product offering and helping to secure new business.

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