Pressure Switches

We have a wide range of Pressure Switches suitable for applications in many industries. 

Our Pressure Switches are; lightweight, miniature in size and low in cost compared to competitive products. At a rated load you can expect the pressure switches we supply to provide a fast, repeatable response for millions of cycles. 

Many of our pressure switches have beneficial features including; Patented shock and vibration resistance, Dependable long life, Quick response time,  Gold contact points and more. 

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Variohm EuroSensor

World Magnetics

Aerospace Pressure Switches

VEP 490 Series

3.0 to 3000 PSIG

VEP 654 Series

0.5" H20 to 6 PSIG

VEP 658 Series

40 to 500 PSIG

VEP 670 Series

1.5 to 400 PSIG

VEP 680 Series

1.5 to 400 PSIG