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Rotary Position Sensors For Motorsport

Variohm offers a range of Rotary Position Sensors For Motorsport including rotary potentiometers and Hall effect sensors. They are suitable for use in motorsport applications such as pedal, steering and gearbox applications.

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Euro XPD

  • non-contacting, programmable sensor 30° - 360°
  • 32 or 38 mm PCD mounting


  • Push Fit or U-Shaped Shaft
  • Redundant Output


  • Push Fit Shaft
  • Up to 16 Turns

Euro-CMRS Micro Rotary Sensor

  • IP68
  • Programmable Angles

Euro-CMRT - Micro Rotary Sensor

  • Redundant Output
  • Programmable Angles

Phoenix America LLC

Rest of our Rotary Position Sensors For Motorsport


  • 100° to 345° Options
  • Push Fit Shaft