VTP11 Throttle Position Sensor

VTP11 Throttle Position Sensor

Variohm EuroSensor's new VTP11 Throttle Position Sensor combines well-proven resistive element technology and convenient 8 mm D-shaft mounting in a durable and low-cost IP66 rated package.

The VTP11 Throttle Position Sensor ensures reliable and long-life operation for high-performance Motorsports applications, especially for throttle position sensing.

Our conductive plastic track and multiple fingered wiper assembly have been designed to maintain full sensing contact even in the most arduous shock and vibration conditions.

With a 97° measuring range and 5 kΩ throttle range resistance value from a 5...24 VDC input, the VTP11 will suit a wide variety of Motorsports and specialist vehicle position sensing applications including throttle, steering angle, suspension and sequential gearbox.

Download the datasheet for the VTP11 Throttle Position Sensor for full product details.

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