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Position Sensors

A Position sensor is any type of device which detects the movement of a chosen object in either a Linear or Rotary motion and converts the movement into output signals which are suitable for processing, transmission or control depending on the application.

Position sensors are available in both contacting & non contacting technologies including; Potentiometric, Magneto-Restrictive, Hall Effect, Encoder and LVDT/RVDT in various sensor packages. Different types of technology ensure the most accurate measurements in different applications.

Position Sensors from Variohm

We have two categories for Position Sensors; Linear Position Sensors and Rotary Position Sensors 


Linear Position Sensors  Rotary Position Sensors 

Our other categories for Linear Position Sensors are;

Our Ratry Position Sensors Include;

Position Sensor Uses

You may be surprised to know that position sensors are very common in everyday life; you have probably come into contact with position sensors as they are used in;

  • Elevators have position feedback which typically use encoders
  • For use in cars for things such as throttle control & seat memory
  •  Rudder reference & steering on boats & ships
  • On CCTV cameras for the rotation & tilt.
  • The control of imaging & treatment machines in hospitals
  • Wind turbines for monitoring the wind direction

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