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Position Sensors from Variohm EuroSensor

Position Sensors

See our full range of Position Sensors below. Click the links for individual products. 

Position Sensors

A Position sensor is any type of device which detects the movement of a chosen object in either a Linear or Rotary motion and converts the movement into output signals which are suitable for processing, transmission or control depending on the application. 

Position sensors are available in both contacting & non contacting technologies including; Potentiometric, Magneto-Restrictive, Hall Effect, Encoder and LVDT/RVDT in various sensor packages. Different types of technology ensure the most accurate measurements in different applications.

You may be surprised to know that position sensors are very common in everyday life; you have probably come into contact with position sensors as they are used in;

·         Elevators have position feedback which typically use encoders

·         For use in Cars for things such as throttle control  & seat memory

·         Rudder reference & Steering on boats & ships

·         On CCTV cameras for the rotation & tilt.

·         The control of imaging & treatment machines in hospitals

·         Wind turbines for monitoring the wind direction

Position Sensors from Variohm

Position sensors are one of our most popular product categories. We have supplied many different applications. Some more commonplace than people realise with the likes of Dover Harbour – we supplied sensors which control the movement of the ramp which cars use to board the ferries through to the ticket access barriers used on London underground.  Other interesting applications include the use of our position sensors on film sets. We have supplied sensors to the special effects departments of many large Hollywood blockbusters.

We offer a comprehensive range of position sensors, these have been proven in many industries including; automation, aerospace, medical and agriculture. Our most popular industries for suppling position sensors are; general machine tool, wrapping, packing, processing, food & beverage and converting equipment.

Our technical sales team have many years’ experience when it comes to solving customer position sensor applications which means that they are able to offer complete technical support. 

Position Sensors News
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Position Sensors

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Position Sensors