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Position Sensors

A Position sensor is any type of device which detects the movement of a chosen object in either a Linear or Rotary motion and converts the movement into output signals which are suitable for processing, transmission or control depending on the application.

Position sensors are available in both contacting & non contacting technologies including; Potentiometric, Magneto-Restrictive, Hall Effect, Encoder and LVDT/RVDT in various sensor packages. Different types of technology ensure the most accurate measurements in different applications.

Position Sensor Uses

You may be surprised to know that position sensors are very common in everyday life; you have probably come into contact with position sensors as they are used in;

·         Elevators have position feedback which typically use encoders

·         For use in cars for things such as throttle control & seat memory

·         Rudder reference & steering on boats & ships

·         On CCTV cameras for the rotation & tilt.

·         The control of imaging & treatment machines in hospitals

·         Wind turbines for monitoring the wind direction

Variohm Position Sensor Applications

Position sensors are one of our most popular product categories; we have supplied many different applications. Some more commonplace than people realise with the likes of Dover Harbour – we supplied sensors which control the movement of the loading ramp which cars use to board the ferries through to the ticket access barriers used on London underground.  Other interesting applications include the use of our position sensors on film sets. We have supplied sensors to the special effects departments of many large Hollywood blockbusters.

Position Sensors in Different Industries

We offer a comprehensive range of position sensors, these have been proven in many industries including; automation, aerospace, medical and agriculture. Our most popular industries for supplying position sensors are; general machine tool, wrapping, packing, processing, food & beverage and converting equipment.

Position Sensors from Variohm

Position Sensing is a very broad category and there are lots of different types of position sensors which are suitable for different applications and measurements.

Linear Position Sensors and Transducers - common types of position sensor, this range includes our VLP.

Non Contacting Linear Position Sensors - magnetostrictive, inductive and hall effect non contacting linear sensors and transducers.

In-Cylinder Linear Position Sensors - well suited to hydraulic and pneumatic applications, with unlimited mechanical life and absolute output voltage or current.

Cable Extension Transducers - also known as “string pots” or “draw wire sensors” cable extension transducers are available in a range of various stroke ranges for use in different industries.

Rotary Position Sensors - a variety of housings available and technologies including conductive plastic and cermet technology.

Non Contacting Rotary Position Sensors - Hall Effect sensors are very popular within the Motorsport industry, their non contacting method means they have a long life and are mechanically robust.

Absolute Rotary and Hollow Shaft Encoders, Incremental Rotary Shaft Encoders, Incremental Rotary Hollow Shaft Encoders - rotary encoders offer high resolution with both shaft and hollow shaft options.

Membrane Potentiometers - Potentiometers which are just 0.5mm in height. We offer both dustproof and waterproof membrane potentiometers.

Multiturn Rotary Position Sensors - this type of rotary position sensor is capable of exceeding a full 360 rotation. We have sensors from up to 10 turns to up to 100 turns.

Signal Conditioners – DIN rail mounted or inline versions available

Inclinometers - available with analogue or digital output, compact designs, single axis or dual axis.

Megneto Resistive Position Sensors - these are robust and well suited to environments with high life requirements.

Hazardous Area Position Sensors - including intrinsically safe and explosion proof position sensors suitable for hazardous environments.

All of our Position Sensors categories are shown above, click on the links to see the full range of that category, access more product information and download datasheets.  

Our technical sales team have many years experience when it comes to solving customer position sensor applications which means that they are able to offer complete technical support. Contact us for more information +44(0)1327 351004

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Product News

Variohm EuroSensor’s Euro-CMRT micro threaded angle sensor
Variohm EuroSensor’s Euro-CMRT micro threaded angle sensor

Smallest model now launched for new miniature programmable Hall Effect angle sensor range: Variohm EuroSensor’s Euro-CMRT micro threaded angle sensor offers extensive option and customisation selection

Variohm EuroSensor launch new two-part puck and magnet programmable angle sensor
Variohm EuroSensor launch new two-part puck and magnet programmable angle sensor

Recently launched as part of the new Euro-CMRx range of miniature Hall Effect programmable angle sensors.

Wide choice of custom options for new Hall Effect angle sensor range
Wide choice of custom options for new Hall Effect angle sensor range

Wide choice of custom options for new Hall Effect angle sensor range: Variohm EuroSensor launch new miniature rotary shaft programmable angle sensor

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