Temperature Probe Definition

Temperature Probe Definition

Temperature probe: a definition
What is the definition of a temperature probe?

A temperature probe can be defined as a type of sensor which is used to measure temperature. A temperature probe works by monitoring the change in resistance of the given area: solid, liquid or gas and converting it into a usable format for the operator.

A temperature probe measures temperature by being placed onto a surface, screwed or inserted into an object or submerged in liquid in order to monitor the temperature change.

Because all applications are different, temperature probes are often bespoke and can be made to order, this way the temperature range, connection, cable length and other specifications can be modified to make them well suited to the application in hand

Temperature Probe Types

There are different types of temperature probe available

NTC temperature probes – this type of temperature probe uses NTC thermistors (Negative Temperature Coefficient) which are often potted into differing bespoke housings dependent on customer requirement.  NTC temperature probes are usually lower cost than other alternatives but they offer a quicker response time and are very sensitive. NTC temperature probes are usually the best choice for mid-range temperature applications from-40°C to +125°C for epoxy encapsulated NTC’s and up to +250°C for our glass encapsulated NTC range.

The application will determine the resistance value of the thermistor needed to create the required temperature output. 

RTD temperature probes – these temperature probes use RTD technology (Resistance Temperature Detector) which can also be potted into different housings dependent on customer requirement.

Depending on which RTD is selected the temperature probe will be suitable for measuring different temperature ranges. RTD sensors are usually either Platinum or Nickle and are available in a number of resistance ranges, the more standard offerings inclusive of PT100/PT1000 or NI100/Ni1000. The specifics of the customer application will help to determine which type of RTD is required.

RTD probes are good for measuring temperatures in more specific applications where temperatures are relatively higher than that of NTC thermistor capability up to +850°C. The higher temperature rating than that of NTC Thermistor technology can make them slightly more expensive than NTC probes, however, they are highly reliable and offer a longer life cycle

Thermocouple probes – thermocouple temperature probes are lower cost than RTDs and NTC’s but are not as stable over time. They too can be manufactured with bespoke probe housings according to customer specific applications and are able to achieve temperature measurements in excess of +2000°C.

Uses for Temperature probes.

Temperature probes are used across almost all industries; we often see demands in medical applications, motorsport industries, food and drink sectors and even in communication. Some of the applications we have come into contact with are:

·         HVAC

·         Transit

·         Power and Utilities

·         Drilling

·         Home Appliances

·         Energy

·         Laboratory

·         Computers

·         Patient Monitoring

Temperature Probes from Variohm

We manufacture and distribute temperature probes world wide. Our catagories for temperature probes include

·         Temperature probes

·         Medical Temperature Probes

·         RTD probes

We also offer other types of temperature sensors

·         NTC Thermistors

·         Space Qualified Thermistors

·         Digital Temperature Sensors

·         Thermocouples

·         Infrared Temperature Sensors

·         Combined Pressure and Temperature Transducers

·         High Precision Thermometers

If you have an application which uses Temperature Probes or other temperature sensors and you would like more information please contact us: +44(0)1327 351004 or sales@variohm.com

For more information please contact: Email: sales@variohm.com Tel:+44 (0) 1327 351004 Fax: +44 (0) 1327 353564

Article date: 08 / Nov / 2018

Temperature Probe Definition

Published by: Variohm EuroSensor

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