Types of Potentiometer

Types of Potentiometer

There are two main types of potentiometer, linear potentiometers and rotary potentiometers.

Membrane Potentiometers are another type of potentiometer they are often referred to as “soft pots” and can be either linear or rotary.

Potentiometers are used to measure the movement of an object in either a linear or rotary fashion. They are a part of our product range here at Variohm. You can find all of our Potentiometers on the Position Sensors section of our website.

The mechanical construction of both rotary and linear potentiometers is very similar, each consists of two fixed terminals, one moving terminal (known as the wiper) and a resistive strip (otherwise known as a track). In a Linear Potentiometer the track is straight whereas in a Rotary potentiometer the track is circular.

What are different types of potentiometer used for?

Over the years we have supplied different types of potentiometer for many applications. Some uses for potentiometers are:

Linear potentiometers

Professional Mountain Bikes – Linear Potentiometers are used for measuring suspension-fork and absorbing frame shock.

Steering Systems– on agricultural machinery, linear potentiometers have been used for precise measurement in steering systems

Motorsport Applications– within Motorsport applications our VLP (Variohm Linear Potentiometer) has been successfully used for: ride height, steering angle measurement, gearshift, suspension and throttle control on either 2 or 4 wheel vehicles.

Special Effects in Film – Over the years we have provided potentiometers to be used in special effect departments of many well-known films. In any film where special effects feature, potentiometers will have been involved.  

Rotary potentiometers

Ticket Barriers – ticket barriers which require a ticket to be scanned before opening use rotary potentiometers to ensure the gate is open for the allocated amount of time. These are use on many ticket barriers including the ones on the London Underground.

Marine vehicle systems – Rotary position sensors are used within the steering systems of some Marine Vehicles including submarines

Types of Potentiometer from Variohm

Our different types of potentiometer can be found on the Position Sensor section of our website.

·         Linear Potentiometers

·         Rotary Potentiometers

·         Cable Extension Transducers – String Pots

·         Membrane Potentiometers

For more information on Potentiometers or any products in our range please contact us: 01327 351005 or sales@variohm.com

For more information please contact: Email: sales@variohm.com Tel:+44 (0) 1327 351004 Fax: +44 (0) 1327 353564

Article date: 29 / Apr / 2019

Types of Potentiometer

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