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Temperature Sensors from Variohm EuroSensor

Temperature Sensors

Our range of Temperature Sensors is shown below, click the links for further information 

Temperature Sensors Range

Temperature Sensors

Variohm Eurosensor is pleased to offer a complete range of Temperature Sensors, from the market leaders within Temperature Measurement. Combining their strengths Variohm are able to meet the unique demands of temperature-sensitive applications.

Temperature sensors are one of our popular product areas, you have probably come across temperature sensors in everyday life – we are surrounded by them. Obvious objects in your home, such as the kettle, toaster or boiler will contain a temperature sensor. Then there are less obvious temperature applications including monitoring the temperature in alcohol breathalysers, the tyre temperature of a Motorsport car and a whole host of patient temperature monitoring in hospitals.

Our range of temperature sensors includes; probes, NTC thermistors, digital temperature sensors, RTDs, Infrared, thermocouples, high precision thermometers and combined pressure and temperature sensors.

Temperature sensors from Variohm

Amongst our selection of temperature sensors we have products to solve the most common applications and products to meet the demands of harsh environments for more challenging circumstances.  With the use of our in house production department we are also able to build custom solutions for the rarest of situations. Our custom probes are a popular choice for temperature monitoring in Motorsport in particular.

Our most popular industries for temperature sensors are HVAC, Motorsport, Medical, Agricultural and general industrial applications but we can supply for many other applications. Some of our more interesting applications to date include the monitoring of wing temperature on aeroplanes, warming electric radiators and engine and gearbox monitoring of sports cars.

We can offer Temperature Sensors for applications in a range of industries, these include; medical, automotive, agricultural and aerospace.

If you cannot find the temperature sensor you are looking for please contact us on +44 (0)1327 351004 or and we will be happy to help. 

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Temperature Sensors

Temperature Probes
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Medical Temperature Probes
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Platinum and Nickel RTD Temperature Sensors
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Housed Temperature Sensors
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Combined Pressure and Temperature Transducers
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