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Agricultural Sensors

We have a wide range of sensors which are suitable for use on agricultural machinery & equipment.

We have been supplying products into the agricultural machinery & equipment sector for many years, it is one of our most common industries using a wide range of sensors including; position sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors and load cells.  

Sensors are used for various types of applications including configured open loop applications where information is transferred to a display for manual operation. Automated processes and machine tasks are another type of application where the sensor forms part of a closed loop system.


Agricultural Sensor Applications

Some processes in agriculture which use sensors are;

  • Smart farming applications
  • Selective crop harvesting
  • In-row weeding
  • Optimising crop production
  • Steering systems
  • Telescopic and boom steering
  • Monitoring pressure in hydraulics and fluids
  • Monitoring hay bale weight

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