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Our Sales Meeting 2017

You may have read our previous blog post about our sales meeting. This year we have just finished our international sales meeting for Variohm Eurosensor and Ixthus.

This sales meeting was attended by all of our sales team from Variohm and Ixthus. Our five Salesmen from Germany flew over especially to attend.

How we like to run sales meetings

When we have sales meetings we like everyone to get involved so group discussion is encouraged; we use a power point presentation to keep us on track but we like to use this to spark ideas and conversations. We find that group discussions are the best way to come up with new ideas for products, applications and ways to market.

The main focus of our sales meeting was our future strategy; we discussed new product development and our capabilities as a group – Variohm Holdings. We also talked about our quality system – as we are now ISO9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 approved, as well as any new opportunities which are now open to us since the acquisition into Acal Plc.

As always, we ended the day with some food and some socialising. The Japanese restaurant Sakura in Northampton has made a great impression on our German Sales team in the past so we had dinner there. Catching your rice is always a great way to start your meal!

This year’s meeting was a great success and it’s pleasing how proactive these gatherings have become. The majority of the objectives set out in our last meeting have been completed and are now having a positive impact on the growth of our business. Additionally, the opportunities identified in this year’s meeting are going to further escalate our business. 

Sales Meeting 2017



Article published on: 03/03/2017