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Variohm at the MIA Event â€Motorsport to Niche Vehicle M Showcase"

How was the show?

We were invited to exhibit at the event “Motorsport to Niche Vehicle M Showcase” as we are a member of the MIA. Based on the MIA event we attended back in March, we were really looking forward to exhibiting. The show focused on key niche vehicle Ms. For a three hour long show with such a specific theme we found that we had more enquiries than we expected - which is brilliant. The show certainly has potential.

What Variohm Products were Popular?

We found that all of our Motorsport sensors gathered interest at the “Motorsport to Niche Vehicle M Showcase” particularly our combined temperature and pressure transducers and our range of position sensors for Motorsport.

If you’d like to find out more about our Motorsport sensors, take a look at the Motorsport Sensors section of our website.

What we enjoyed about the “Motorsport to Niche Vehicle M Showcase”

The show was attended by Pat Goodridge, our Position Sensors sales Manager and Sav Cannata, the newest member of our position sensor sales team. Pat enjoyed the targeted niche segment that the exhibition was focused towards. Sav found that the location of the show and the interest of the visitors really made it worth going to.  

If presented with the opportunity, we would definitely like to attend this show again.

About the “Motorsport to Niche Vehicle M Showcase”

The show was held at the Silverstone Wing which is the perfect place for Motorsport exhibitions. The MIA partnered with the Niche Vehicle Network to host the unique “first-of-it’s-kind” show which encouraged more engagement between the two communities.   

The show attracted a wide variety of Niche Vehicle M engineers and decision makers to see new innovative capabilities.

For more information about the MIA, you can visit their website here.