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Variohm Celebrates 40 Years in Business

This month we celebrate being in business for forty years. We thought you would be interested to know a bit more about the history of Variohm and the steps which enabled us to get to where we are today.

We started trading on the 1st May 1974 and were known as Variohm Components. The first order ever placed was for a company called Kynmore engineering – they traded as Eurosensor Ltd. This order was for the value of £48.60.

The first full month of active trading was July 1974; the order book for this month reached a total of £495.35 – a respectable amount for a brand new company. We featured in exhibitions in 1975, needless to say, our exhibition stand was not as High-Tec as it is now…

In 1984, after ten years of being in business we had five employees. The order book for May 1984 was a grand total of £22,864. This was around the time we had moved out of our rented offices and into what was known as the cattle market on the edge of Towcester where we stayed for seven years before our current location became available.

We purchased Eurosensor in the year 2000 therefore changing our name to Variohm Eurosensor – as we are known today

We currently employ forty people on site with various skills. Our property has grown in size too, we now have three warehouses along with several offices.  Our most recent addition to the company is our production department – meaning we can now manufacture some sensors to your specification.

 On the last month of our 39th year in business our order book amounted to £1.1790 million.

We are very proud of the last 40 years. We would like to thank every person and company who has contributed to get us to where we are today; from customers to suppliers to employees and everyone else – Thank you from Variohm.


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Article published on: 02/05/2014