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Variohm Offers Employees Standing Desk Option

In June of this year, the BBC, The Guardian and the Daily Mail all featured articles focusing on the health benefits of standing while working. The benefits featured in these articles included lowering the risk of cancer, heart disease and heart attack as well as burning up to 0.7 calories more per minute – which, over a working day could reach up to 294 extra calories. Standing up and moving around more while working also increases concentration levels and energy levels – perfect for the work environment. 

Why has Variohm Decided to Offer Employees Standing Desks?

This time last year, our operations manager Cathy Donoghue was having severe back pain, it was slightly eased when she was either standing up or lying down. This prompted her to make some changes to the way she worked in the office. The first standing desk we had was temporary; Cathy turned a stores bin upside down to rest her computer and key board on. We then had her desk measured and a desk riser was fitted. Cathy has now been standing for a year and has found it to be very successful, she says “It wasn’t easy to get used to at first but because my back was causing me pain I persevered.  Now I find standing all day is preferable, I feel more alert, have lost weight, feel healthier and my back is better.  We all know sitting is bad for our backs and being more active is good for our health so having my desk adjusted to stand is a good solution all round.  Now others want to do the same because they have seen the difference standing has made to me.”

After Cathy’s success, Variohm has decided to offer a standing desk to all employees. With the health benefits and the positivity from our employees we are looking forward to the standing desks.

What Do Our Employees Think Of Standing Desks?

We have five employees in our admin and accounts departments who have opted for a standing desk. We have had the desk risers measured and fitted to each person’s height.

“I think standing up will make me more active at work which is something I’m really looking forward to, I think it will be hard at first but hopefully worth it in the end” says Alison Moffatt, our Digital Marketing Co-ordinator.

“At the present time I am sat at my desk for up to 8 hours per day and this is a great opportunity for me to be more active whilst at work. I find that I slump at my desk and sometimes feel quite stiff after a long day. I read an article that standing whilst working means you are more alert.” Says Emma Hannen, our Documentation Manager.

Overall we are enthusiastic about the prospect of giving our employees the best chance to be comfortable and healthy at work, adapting to each person’s needs. We will be keeping you updated about our standing employees; we know it will seem strange at first!