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Eurosensor launches two new pressure sensors

Reflecting its commitment to excellence and innovation, Eurosensor continues to meet the evolving needs of industries worldwide with the launch of two new pressure sensors.

The EPT8100 and EPT9100 are constructed from 316L stainless steel, with no internal seals, and have been engineered to deliver high accuracy, reliability and performance, enabling precise monitoring and control of pressure-sensitive processes.


The EPT8100 is a piezoresistive rugged pressure transmitter designed for low to medium pressure applications, with a pressure range of 0.06 bar – 10 bar. It has high media resistance, a wide operating temperature range and a modular design that lends itself to any type of mobile, industrial, or medical equipment. The resistive oil-filled sensing element uses the latest ASIC circuitry for signal processing.


The EPT9100 piezoresistive pressure transmitter (without an oil reservoir) has been designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Its two-chip P2P technology gives it high resistance to shock and vibration as standard, while its modular design enables a wide range of configurations. With no weld seam, a pressure range of 4-1000 bar and a wide operating temperature range, it is suitable for applications including off-road, transportation, renewable energy, automotive, industrial hydraulics, refrigeration, construction, and agriculture.

Carsten Walther, Variohm Group Sales Director, said: 'These new additions to our range give engineers, OEMs, and machine builders even more flexibility and choice when it comes to selecting the right components for their projects.'"


Article published on: 26/02/2024

Article last updated on: 26/02/2024