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ZEMIC load cells and weight transmitters for agricultural produce handling machinery

ZEMIC load cells and weight transmitters chosen by Van Hees for BOXFILR agricultural produce handling machinery

The Netherlands based agricultural machinery specialist Van Hees manufacturers its automated BOXFILR system for handling vegetable produce such potatoes, carrots and onions. For farm warehouse use at harvest time and as a year-round means for supporting distribution, storage and transportation, the system includes conveyor delivery, filling, emptying and crate stacking operations with very high efficiency thanks to several modules that perform specific tasks.  These modules are often adapted to suit the precise needs of the customer and for BOXFILR users that require weight information for their produce Van Hees chooses ZEMIC for load cells and weight information transmitters.


Central to the BOXFILR system is its ‘Bunker Filler’, produced as a single or much higher-throughput double module. This machine can fill a crate in a matter of seconds with a throughput of up 100 tons per hour. With in-situ weighing added to the machine, this removes a downstream procedure – optimising operation and reducing time & cost. ZEMIC, represented in the UK by Variohm EuroSensor, specify its BM8H series shear beam load cell which is designed for use in hopper, platform and pallet scale applications. The IP68 rated load cell boasts an OIML R60 C3 accuracy class in six selectable capacity options from 500 kg to 5t. The durable design includes a hermetically sealed stainless steel case.

To further automate the weighing process on the BOXFILR, a ZEMIC Top-Sensors T1 weight transmitter is connected to the BM8H load cell and the produce weight information sent to the main control unit. The DIN rail mounted transmitter includes a 7-segment display and is available with a wide choice of output configurations including analogue (voltage and current) as well as USB and fieldbus protocols for Profibus DP, Ethernet/Modbus TCP/IP, CANopen and Profinet. An RS485 serial port provides connection for PC/PLC and 3 outputs/2 inputs may be used for machine interaction.

Variohm EuroSensor supports the full ZEMIC range with comprehensive technical support and service with stock delivery available for standard load cells as well as a custom design/modification capability and integration with other Variohm sensor technologies.

Article published on: 15/05/2017

Article last updated on: 15/05/2017