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Popular Temperature Probes

You may have seen some of our previous posts describing our most popular types of sensors.

Determining our top 3 temperature probes is not as simple as it may seem. Temperature probes are one of the product ranges that we manufacture on site. Because of this, we can offer bespoke solutions to suit your application.

Variohm Temperature Probes

Temperature probes which we manufacture on site all start with the letters ETP, this stands for Eurosensor Temperature Probe, you can, therefore, determine which ones can be tailored to suit your needs.

Our standard temperature probes include the ETP-RT, which is a Ring Terminal Probe, The ETP-SP which is a Screw type temperature probe and the ETP – TP-B, which is a brass tubular probe.

All of these standard temperature probes consist of a thermistor potted into a housing but could also utilise RTD or Thermocouple technology.  

Our temperature probe with the most orders, however, is the ETP-CS. The CS stands for customer-specific.

Bespoke Temperature Probes

There are many different aspects of our temperature probes which are customisable making our probes versatile and well suited to many applications.

You can have customer-specific;

  • Thermistors
  • RTD’s
  • Thermocouples
  • Terminal sizes
  • Cable length
  • Housing Options

So, overall, our most popular temperature probes are Customer Specific (CS), which allows you, the customer to have bespoke designed temperature solutions to suit the requirements of your application. If you are interested in customer-specific temperature probes, contact us for more information: 01327 351004 or

Article published on: 17/02/2016